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A mask is for life not just for Christmas


In the pre-covid world, tourists donning masks was a curious phenomenon. Eyebrows once raised lowered over time, as such sightings entrenched a new landscape of lockdowns and media messaging of national importance.

Global citizens whose collective protection of hands, face, and space, drove health-safety into Maslow’s hierarchy of needs. Catapulted into 2020’s fictional Top 10 List of things we need to take out when we leave the house, the face mask became a valuable commodity.

Last year venturing out without a day-bag containing sanitizing gel and face protection, we found ourselves vulnerable to todays’ modern invaders.

So we donned our modern suit of armour to help protect us and others from the threats of this 21st century; air borne particles. With a constant array of bacteria, viruses, microbes and pollution, it seems we’re never far from risk.

Despite good news of vaccines, we’re likely to wear face masks throughout 2021.

But maybe that’s not such a problem. In other cultures, the face mask is just one of the essential items that form part of an everyday going-out kit. Found in handbags and man-bags alike, in certain parts of the planet, no self-respecting person travels without one!

Many years ago, the war our ancestors faced was a great plague.  In 17th century Europe to protect themselves from such a virulent disease, people wore curious-looking ‘beaked’ masks, that bore an ominous, eerie looking ‘nose’, half-a-foot long and shaped like a beak.  This foreboding appearance was somehow softened by the sweet scent of  flowers, herbs, and spices stuffed inside.

Fortunately, we are not living in such squalid times.  We can enjoy, for our pleasure, an uplifting natural aroma by choosing a modern-day take on vintage masks. 

As we venture into a new year, we should still consider the safety and health of ourselves and of those around us. Which is why by continuing to wear a mask, we are all doing our collective duty in the fight against Covid-19.

If we are all going to be wearing masks for much longer than we originally anticipated, it’s important to choose the right one.  Disposable masks are cheap and easy to get hold of, but having to replace them so often is damaging for the environment.  This is why the AirX Coffee Mask is such a good choice because it’s eco-friendly, made out of sustainable materials, it’s comfortable to wear for long periods of time and the inner filter is easily replaceable. 

If you want to go into 2021 with a fantastic mask to keep you safe, you needn’t look any further than the AirX.