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Will Covid-19 Force Fashion Into A Sustainable Future?

The global pandemic that we’re currently facing, along with the resulting economic shutdowns have created a myriad of challenges for the fashion industry; a decline in consumer spending and disrupted supply chains to name but two. According to statistics from the United Nations, the fashion industry consumes more energy than both the aviation and shipping industry combined. Overall this accounts for 10% of global carbon emissions.  

However, the Covid-19 era may have one benefit in the industry – a shift to a greener and more sustainable future. 

Sustainable Purchasing Habit

Covid-19 has had a fast impact on customer’s spending habits. Globally, we’re seeing people switch their purchases to be more environmentally & ethically sustainable. This could be simple changes such as just buying less often, opting for garments that will stand the test of time rather than having to be changed seasonally.

In fact, Gucci – one of the biggest fashion houses globally, announced that they will no longer be taking part in the ‘fashion calendars of shows’. Pointing out the fact that the frenetic pace of the industry has a huge environmental effect. 

Action Based Impact

Whilst Covid-19 has closed businesses, retailers have taken actions to capitalise upon the demand for change, making the switch more sustainable choices easier for consumers. Selfridges launched ‘Project Earth’ in August, a scheme featuring resale, rental, refill and repair services across its fashion & beauty departments. They even went as far to include a second hand pop-up store in partnership with Oxfam. This benefits Selfridges not only by widening the reach of its premium fashion offerings, but it also sets a strong precedent for other players to enhance their sustainability efforts. 

Similarly, H&M have long been pioneering sustainability initiatives, such as their ‘Conscious Collection’ and their garment recycling services. 

Sustainable Brands have the immediate advantage

With Covid-19 continuing to bring economic uncertainty for consumers, things are likely to get worse before they get better, with consumers spending less for the foreseeable future. 

A trend we have seen however is buyers being far more selective, with a mindset towards quality, value and sustainability. Consumers are putting pressure on brands to ensure that their product is ethically manufactured and that it’s as good as it can be for the environment. 

The time consumers have spent at home has caused a radical reset to priorities that will be reflected in their lifestyles going forward. As a result, they are going to look for brands they can trust to pay attention to the ‘collective vision of a more sustainable future’. 

The winners coming straight out of the gate are the brands that have already incorporated sustainability into their business practices. Slow starters or late-comers could be heavily impacted by the radical change in consumer habits. 

Historically, the fashion industry hasn’t been too hot on collaboration, but the area of sustainability might be an area where there’s a way to share costs and benefits more broadly across multiple partners. In fact, the survival of the industry may very well depend on it. 

About the Author, AirX Coffee Masks;

The AirX Coffee Mask is woven using coffee yarn, a bio-tec material produced from ethically sourced coffee waste. This super-material is a waterproof, robust sustainable fabric. To learn more about our sustainable coffee masks, click here.

A mask is for life not just for Christmas


In the pre-covid world, tourists donning masks was a curious phenomenon. Eyebrows once raised lowered over time, as such sightings entrenched a new landscape of lockdowns and media messaging of national importance.

Global citizens whose collective protection of hands, face, and space, drove health-safety into Maslow’s hierarchy of needs. Catapulted into 2020’s fictional Top 10 List of things we need to take out when we leave the house, the face mask became a valuable commodity.

Last year venturing out without a day-bag containing sanitizing gel and face protection, we found ourselves vulnerable to todays’ modern invaders.

So we donned our modern suit of armour to help protect us and others from the threats of this 21st century; air borne particles. With a constant array of bacteria, viruses, microbes and pollution, it seems we’re never far from risk.

Despite good news of vaccines, we’re likely to wear face masks throughout 2021.

But maybe that’s not such a problem. In other cultures, the face mask is just one of the essential items that form part of an everyday going-out kit. Found in handbags and man-bags alike, in certain parts of the planet, no self-respecting person travels without one!

Many years ago, the war our ancestors faced was a great plague.  In 17th century Europe to protect themselves from such a virulent disease, people wore curious-looking ‘beaked’ masks, that bore an ominous, eerie looking ‘nose’, half-a-foot long and shaped like a beak.  This foreboding appearance was somehow softened by the sweet scent of  flowers, herbs, and spices stuffed inside.

Fortunately, we are not living in such squalid times.  We can enjoy, for our pleasure, an uplifting natural aroma by choosing a modern-day take on vintage masks. 

As we venture into a new year, we should still consider the safety and health of ourselves and of those around us. Which is why by continuing to wear a mask, we are all doing our collective duty in the fight against Covid-19.

If we are all going to be wearing masks for much longer than we originally anticipated, it’s important to choose the right one.  Disposable masks are cheap and easy to get hold of, but having to replace them so often is damaging for the environment.  This is why the AirX Coffee Mask is such a good choice because it’s eco-friendly, made out of sustainable materials, it’s comfortable to wear for long periods of time and the inner filter is easily replaceable. 

If you want to go into 2021 with a fantastic mask to keep you safe, you needn’t look any further than the AirX.


How to care for your face mask so that it’s effective in protecting you.

Now that all over the UK, people are expected to wear face coverings when in public, we need to be mindful about how effective our face coverings are to help slow the spread of COVID-19. Hopefully by now, you’ve already got a face mask in your possession, but you might not know how to look after it to ensure that it is providing you with the best protection. 


How many face masks should you own?

Whilst having a single mask is a good start, it’s often a good idea to have at least two. This is so if you have one in the wash or you have misplaced yours, you can leave the house and protect yourself and others. 

Make sure you wear your face mask wherever you go out in public whilst at the same time, aiming to maintain physical distancing. 

When is it safe to take your mask off?

It’s always best to keep your mask on until you have finished your errand and you can remove it safely away from others. Before you remove your mask, make sure you wash your hands or you use alcohol based hand sanitiser, then grasp the ear loops and remove the mask, finish by washing your hands thoroughly. 


How often should you wash your face mask?

In an ideal world, you should wash your face mask after every wearing as this will reduce the risk of spreading germs. Bear in mind that certain masks, such as single use surgical masks cannot be washed and reused and will need to be thrown away regularly. 

Best practice is to always check the instructions that came with your mask in regards to cleaning to ensure it is protecting you efficiently. 


How often should I change the filter in my mask?

As a general rule of thumb, the inner filter in your AirX Coffee Mask can be used for 30 days. Always follow the guidelines from your mask’s supplier, as requirements  differ. Sticking to those rules will maximise your mask’s effectiveness. If you need any replacement filters you can buy them from the AirX store.

If you have any questions about caring for your AirX coffee mask, get in touch with us and we’ll be happy to help.

Coffee Yarn is better for the environment.

At AirX we wanted to deliver a face mask that not only protects you, but also protects the environment. That’s why we chose to source our masks made out of a new, sustainable fibre called coffee yarn. 

We believe that fabrics made from products that would otherwise go to waste are incredibly important for a greener planet. Over the last couple of decades, the textile industry has been at the forefront of new technologies that contribute to reducing waste and carbon emissions. 

What is Coffee Yarn?

Our face mask is woven using coffee yarn which is a bio-tec material that’s produced from coffee waste. Did you know that global coffee production creates in excess of 23 millions tons of waste? The majority of which goes straight into landfills. Coffee yarn is made by processing roasted coffee grounds and turning them into fabric. 

The process of turning coffee beans into fabric is pretty simple! It involves transforming the coffee residue into an upcycled material and spinning it into coffee yarn.

The resultant fabric that comes out is soft, flexible, waterproof and breathable which makes it perfect for making into things such as shoes & face masks. 

What are the benefits of using Coffee Yarn?

Aside from the fabric being soft & breathable, coffee yarn has other great properties.

  • Odour Control – Since the grounds are embedded into the coffee yarn, you can wear things made out of it for much longer than you would with regular fabric.
  • UV Protection – coffee yarn comes with microscopic pores which create a natural and chemical free shield, which reflects UV rays for a comfortable outdoor experience. 
  • Keeps you cool – Coffee yarn is able to cool down the temperature of your skin by about 1-2 degrees compared to other fabrics which makes it great in hot environments such as public transport. 
  • Fast drying – Coffee yarn continually wicks moisture away from your skin to the outer surface of the fabric for faster drying. This makes it comfortable in sweaty environments such as when you’re exercising.

It’s good for the environment!

Reusing products that would otherwise be wasted is key to making the AirX face mask as sustainable as possible. As we said before, the coffee industry contributes millions of tons of waste that would otherwise end up in landfill. In our masks, almost everything is made from coffee yarn, so the product is 100% sustainable and helps us keep waste out of landfill. Even the replaceable internal filter is made from coffee yarn which makes it 100% biodegradable.

If you want to see more about how we’ve utilised coffee yarn into our masks, head to our product page.

What makes the AirX Coffee Mask so sustainable?

AirX isn’t your typical run of the mill face-mask, in fact we’ve made key decisions to make our masks as sustainable and as eco-friendly as possible with a key philosophy that defines the AirX Coffee Mask;

Recycle, Reuse, Return

The AirX Coffee Mask seeks to minimise its impact on the planet through its Recycle, Reuse, Return philosophy.


The AirX Coffee Mask is unlike any other mask on the market as it is made from 100% recycled materials. The core material is coffee-yarn, which is a natural and biodegradable material created by using upcycled coffee grounds which would otherwise go to waste and end up in landfills. Coffee yarn is waterproof and robust whilst remaining a sustainable fabric. The robustness of the fabric means it will last for an extremely long time so you won’t need to replace it. 

Even the inner filter in the AirX is made out of sustainable coffee yarn, only creating waste that is biodegradable.


The AirX Coffee Mask is washable and reusable, lasting at least 10 years, reducing single-use waste. With proper care the Coffee Mask can last you a lifetime allowing you to protect your health as well as the planet simultaneously. With more and more of us choosing to live sustainably, wearing this upcycled, reusable and biodegradable mask offers a stylish way to minimise our impact on the planet.  


The AirX Coffee Mask is biodegradable returning its natural components safely to the earth so you don’t have to worry about what will happen to your mask once it’s been thrown away. This also applies to the biodegradable inner filter which has an effective life of 30 days, much longer than competing filters. 

If you’re worried about your impact to the planet and you want a product that minimises environmental footprint – look no further, this might be the perfect face mask for you. If you have any questions about the AirX Coffee Mask, get in touch with us and we’ll be happy to help.

Mask Up and Smell the Coffee

LONDONDec. 8, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — Coffee lovers unite! AirX UK Ltd, exclusive distributor of the AirX Coffee Mask®, is pleased to announce that the world’s first face mask made from coffee is now available in the UK.

Available to buy at the official https://airxmask.co.uk/shop/ this innovative mask combines a stylish unisex design with multi-layer protection from airborne particles including bacteria, germs and pollution.

But that’s not all. The mask is made entirely from recycled materials, making it an eco-conscious alternative to both disposable and re-usable fabric face masks.

Unlike any other mask currently on the market, the AirX Coffee Mask is made from coffee-yarn, a natural and bio-degradable material created using upcycled coffee grounds (which would otherwise go to waste) and other waste materials, resulting in a super-soft face-covering with natural anti-microbial and deodorising qualities. The yarn is woven using FlexKnit, providing a secure yet comfortable fit.

Recycle, Reuse, Return

The AirX Coffee Mask seeks to minimise its impact on the planet through its Recycle, Reuse, Return philosophy.

RECYCLE: The AirX Coffee Mask is made from coffee grounds that have been upcycled with other waste materials into a textile.

REUSE: The AirX Coffee Mask is washable and reusable, lasting at least 10 years, reducing single-use waste.

RETURN: The AirX Coffee Mask is biodegradable returning its natural components safely to the earth.

No compromise on style

Built to last, this high-performance mask offers an elegant and unisex design, making it a versatile addition to your wardrobe. Available in 5 colours: Black, Grey, Navy, Brown and White, the AirX Coffee Mask can be styled with casual and sporty looks or dressed up with smarter attire.  Available in one size, the mask is suitable for adults and supplied with its first filter included.

Thanks to the AirX Coffee Mask, it is now possible to protect your health and the planet’s at the same time. With more and more of us choosing to live sustainably, wearing this upcycled, reusable and biodegradable mask offers a stylish way to minimise our impact on the planet.

About AirX UK         

AirX UK is the official UK distributor of AirX Coffee Mask®.


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