AirX Coffee Mask Navy Blue


Breathe easier with AirX Coffee Mask.  A luxuriously elegant, reusable eco-conscious mask.

Includes one compostable nano-filter.


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AirX Mask is a new and exciting piece of apparel that allows you to wake up and smell coffee.  The mask is the first of its kind and it has taken claim as the world’s first face mask made from coffee.  The mask is available in one size.   A stylish unisex design means AirX Coffee Mask is suitable for all adults.   The look of the mask is modern and sporty yet naturally elegant.

The smell of coffee is subtle.  Coffee-lover or not, its hard to resist.

Created from a textile called ‘coffee yarn’, this innovative fabric is made by upcycling materials including coffee grounds. The use of power-knit technology enables the production of a sturdy outer layer whilst the construction of a ‘flex-knit’ weave provides a comfortable fit at the nose. Removing the mask is easy and straightforward.  The ability to wash and reuse enables an eco-conscious way to reduce waste.

The usable life of the AirX Coffee Mask is circa 10 years.

Removable Filter

Exclusive to this mask is the AirX coffee and silver nano filter that provides an additional layer of protection and filters airborne particles including bacteria, microbes and pollution.