Eco Friendly




The Product


  • AirX Mask is woven using coffee yarn, a bio-tec material produced from coffee waste.  This super-material is waterproof and robust and can be considered a sustainable fabric.
  • Inside the outer shell of the AirX Coffee Mask there is an inner layer, also made from coffee yarn, so soft it is suitable for sensitive skin.
  • This framework holds a removable filter in place.
  • The AirX mask is washable and reusable, durable and comfortable.
  • Additional features include UV Protection and a flap to provide optional anti-mist glasses function for wearers of glasses.


Dual Layer anti-microbial technology provides 99% effective filtration from harmful particles. 

  • The filter inside the AirX Coffee Mask has been designed incorporating the latest technology, and combines coffee with silver – a well documented antimicrobial and is effective in killing bacteria, fungi and certain viruses.
  • The filter is AATCC 100 certified by QUATEST 3 – the textile industry’s standard for antimicrobial fabric performance in the United States.
  • The filter is not suitable for washing and it has an effective life of 30 days.
  • As the user is wearing AirX Coffee mask the natural materials emit a subtle and delicious aroma.

HandwashIron No BleachRecycle